Practically Food Grade: 3 Ultra-Natural Masks

As you all know, my tolerance of natural products only goes so far. I just don’t see that being “natural” is a selling point in itself – the product also has to work.

However, when a product is both natural and phenomenally effective, then you are talking my kind of language.

These three masks have rapidly become my very tip-top favourites:





Earth Tu Face Honey & Coconut Mask

When this mask calls itself Honey and Coconut, it means it. That’s basically all that is in it – honey, in which is suspended coconut, with rose and lavender petals. Honey is an incredibly good antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredient, and calms everything down straight away, while also moisturising, so after having this on for 15 mins, your skin just sort of returns to itself, and ends up looking healthier. It’s very easy to rinse off – no leftover stickiness here. You could, I suppose, just buy a jar of raw honey and use that instead, but I wanted to see how good this one would be, and it didn’t disappoint.

Ilcsi Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask

This incredibly tiny niche Hungarian brand, Ilcsi, makes everything fresh and in small batches, using high anti-oxidant botanicals. This exfoliating mask is their bestseller, and I can see why. I’m on my third jar of it. Apply it to dry cleansed skin, and it peels everything that needs to be, in a gentle and non-aggressive way. It looks absolutely like you have just slathered cherry jam all over your face, or worse, but if you look past that, your skin is left baby-butt smooth in only 15-20 minutes.

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud

I am a huge fan of the May Lindstrom, small-batch, uber-natural brand. If only the products weren’t so bloody expensive, because I cannot be without a couple of them now – The Problem Solver mask, which I talked about here, and this one, The Honey Mud. It combines the best of a mud mask with the best of a honey/gel mask, so that your skin is deep cleaned and decongested while also calmed down, and softened. Used twice a week, and you will notice a genuine difference.




Luckily for us, while these brands are all very down-to-the-earth-literally and use fresh ingredients, they are available on normal websites with handy worldwide shipping – Cult Beauty and Net-a-Porter.

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