Speed It Up: The New Texture Clay Masks

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We all have such good intentions with skincare, don’t we? Daydreaming about how we are going to get home in the evening and mask it up, slather our limbs in oils, and marinate our hair in the latest ointment.

Then plans change and time gets away from us. Perhaps we leave work late, meet people for a bit on the way home, then lie on the sofa watching YouTube videos of in-fighting between different factions of raw vegans (riveting) until it is way past bedtime and the idea of putting on a 30-minute clay mask is just plain laughable.

(*The above scenario is not unrelated to my night last night. Productive.)

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However, these new Dermaclear Trans Foam Masks from the Korean brand Dr. Jart+ make it so much easier. Rather than waiting for a normal mask to dry for 30 minutes, these guys just take 4 minutes to dry (the box says 3 but that is optimistic). Once they are dry, you wash them off with warm water, at which point they transform into a foaming cleanser.

I like to remove my makeup with a cleansing water or oil then smooth these on. While they dry, you can brush your teeth, get into your jim-jams, or finish that video on the life-giving properties of eating only bananas for the rest of your life (yah sure).

Once rinsed, your skin is left clean. I don’t think these masks work as intensively as the super-duper traditional clay masks I’ve talked about before, but for a mid-week catch-up, their deep cleansing properties are impressive. My skin is always left feeling refreshed, smooth, and ready to soak up hydration from my moisturiser afterwards.

The masks come in a set of three: Green for purifying and sebum control, White for calming, and Pink for the driest skin. All three contain French clay of bentonite, kaolin and montmorillonite, and Sepicalm VG, a lotus extract which calms the skin and unifies skin tone (and actually has some testing backing it up).

The combo of three similar but slightly different masks means that you can multimask, i.e. tailor the masks to your face – I apply green to my T-zone, white to my cheeks, and pink to the rims which are always dry.

Also, please note that while the green and pink masks are mildly tinted, the white mask is so blindingly white it looks like you have toothpaste all over your face, and you might puzzle your husband or other cohabitor when you emerge from the bathroom with a toothbrush in your mouth and a visage caked in what looks like Colgate’s finest. Just to let you know.

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    funny, cause yesterday I was just reading the meanest possible thread on the reddit vegan page!

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      They get very heated, don’t they? Totally riveting viewing!

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