Makeup Through The Thick and Thin: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15


Some crazy proportion of growth in the cosmetics industry is all down to longwearing makeup. We’re not talking makeup that lasts through dinner. To the left and right, brands are launching 16hr lipsticks, “indelible” eye liners, and 24hr or more, foundations. In the product development department, it has become a numbers game, with every minute of “wear” squeezed out of each launch. We have to test and substantiate every time claim, and keep pushing the longwear chemicals higher and higher.

This is all great, and not a problem (although for the life of me, I cannot see how anyone would want to keep foundation on their skin for 24hrs or more.)

What is not great are the formulas themselves. The more you push a formula to act like paint, the more it will resemble paint. The lip glosses which last 12-16hrs are usually immensely uncomfortable, tight-feeling yet also sticky, and often flake off the centre of the lips, leaving just a rim of colour. As for the foundations, they highlight every flaw, have heavy-duty pigment, and dry so quickly that streaks just form out of nowhere. Woe betide you if you have any dry skin.


However, meet the best of them. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 is so good as a longwearing foundation, I would actually class it as a good foundation, period. They claim 12hr wear, which is far more realistic and which means that the longwearing chemicals of trimethylsiloxysilicate and coated pigments are not too high. It blends nicely, if you apply it with a good foundation brush and then smooth it out with a sponge. The SPF doesn’t make it too greasy or flash up in photos. The shades look very yellow when immediately applied, but the red comes up in a few seconds and settles to the skin.



I wouldn’t say it was second-skin like, and I wish it had just a little more coverage, but it does work to make you look pretty much the same in the evening as you did in the morning. Most remarkably, the formula manages to maintain a pretty impressive level of glow throughout the day. By which I mean that it starts off making the skin look radiant and medium light-reflective, and stays that way. No mid-afternoon/post-work mattifying touch-ups needed here. Most notable. For those of you who work all day, go to the gym in lunch, run errands after work, then go out all evening, this would be perfect for you.


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