Korres Lip Butter

Product design is not just about the look of the product. Every tiny, weeny, itsy bitsy part of a product has been developed, thought over, and sometimes fought over, until a fully fledged idea is created. From the original concept, ingredient story, packaging, smell, touch in the packaging, touch on the skin, name and colour, the product that emerges is the result of a group of people collaborating and designing the best product they can. Tiny little details can add so much.

For example, the Korres Lip Butter, which I mentioned is one of my Summer Makeup Essentials, is one such product. This phenomenally successful lip balm is a simple formula and a simple concept, but has a few little details which make it irresistible.

Korres Lip Butter

The formula itself of this lipbalm is light, and hydrating without being greasy. It is packed full of ingredients like Shea Butter, and Vitamins C & E. But best of all, it has a slightly bouncy, “jelly”-like feel in the pot, that just makes you want to keep touching it. The balm leaves just the right amount of tint on your lips, in all the different shades (Wild Rose shown here, but there are 6 in total). It is fragranced individually for each shade, but only subtly. And a genius touch, the inner walls of the pot are sloped to just the right angle for when you use your finger to pick up some balm. Truly addicting.

Korres Lip Butter 2Korres Lip Butter3

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