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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether or not a product works – what matters is the packaging that you notice in the corner of your eye in the shop, or as you scroll through a website. We’re all guilty of making the occasional aesthetic-driven purchase, and there is nothing wrong with that. If seeing these products on your bedside table, or in your shower, gives you as much pleasure as a vast bunch of yellow orchids from Wan Chai market (guilty), then go for it. After all, someone worked hard to make the product so beautiful, and we want to reward that kind of endeavour, don’t we?

Not only that, but very often, you might be pleasantly surprised that the stuff inside is just as good as it looks.

I was in New York last month, and made sure to pay a visit to one of my favourite stores in Williamsburg (which is just a hop over the East River) – Catbird. It’s the size of a pea, but for its size it has some damn attractive things, all of which could be said to fall heavily in the not-just-a-pretty-face category. I found some gems – fantastic smelling candles, salt soaps, and books of heady-smelling little sheets to tear off and put in your knicker drawer.






Everything in the shop is similarly aesthetically pleasing. Their jewellery is so dainty and small that I have lost three ear cuffs in the last two years (ahem).

Most particularly, I am so so pleased with my new nail polish from Odeme. Combined with the simply genius Formula X nail system (which I can never live without again, but you can only get at Sephora  in the US, unfortunately), their polish gives you at least 5 days of completely chip-free, highly shiny, intense colour. Five days. I’m normally a half-day kind of gal.

Luckily, Catbird ships.




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