Layering: My Super Special Eyeliner Trick

posted on: July 7, 2015

CM Layering 1

Layering. We all know it’s the answer to winter, and now, I will explain how it is also the answer to beauty.

There are so many ways to layer up products, to make them last longer, work better, or even get an entirely different effect. This week, I’m going to walk you through some techniques that I personally think are super duper.

(Please forgive my rambly nature; I am currently typing this while also watching Happy Feet 2 on a plane from Australia. Some baby penguins just sang “We’re bringing slushy back” while gyrating. I’m not sure about how I feel about this.)

First up is a little trick which I am very proud of coming up with. (Perhaps I wasn’t the first to do so, but I think I am).

Ladies, and, well, ladies, please let me introduce to you my Super Special Eyeliner Trick:

CM Layering 2

CM Layering 4

As we all know, eyeliners don’t last. Of course some are better than others, but most of them slip and slide all over the place. Brands are constantly trying to find the golden ratio of ingredients that make a liner glide on smoothly, have tons of pigment, and hold on like crazy.

So what if we take matters into our own hands?

Take an eyeliner which is designed to be more opaque than opaque, take an eyeshadow primer which is designed to hold onto the skin until the end of time, and then Layer Them Up.

  1. Put a thin layer of primer on the base of your lashes, straight on the skin, and let it sit for a few seconds.
  2. Draw on a smudgy line of your eyeliner, hugging the roots of your lashes.
  3. Squeeze some primer onto the back of your hand, then take a cotton bud/Q-tip and dip it in the primer. Gently smoodge it through the liner on your eye, working back and forth gently until it is all blended together and uniform.
  4. Repeat (3) & (4).
  5. And repeat them again.

Build up your smokey, primer-filled liner until it is just as intense as you want it, finish with one last slick of liner, and it will stay and stay and stay. And stay. You won’t get a clean line, but my god will you smoke the place out until the end of time.


For those who are interested, there is only one eye primer, in my view. Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a stunner. I’ve tried so many, including the Nars one which many people swear by, but in my view nothing beats the Primer Potion. (It also works as a primer for under-eye concealer, just so you know).

And as for eyeliner, any form would work with this technique – pencil, gel, liquid, anything. I have a deep and abiding love for my L’Oréal Super Liner GelMatic in Taupe Grey, but the world is your oyster, my friends.

For Skin That Needs Some Love: Yoghurt

posted on: July 6, 2015

CM Yoghurt Overlay

I’ve been rushing around like a mad person in the last couple of weeks. Family weddings in London, visiting more family outside Sydney, work and visitors in Hong Kong, it’s been go go go.

At no point am I saying that this is not fun. Jetlag schmetlag. Sleeping pills exist for a reason (just kidding), and long haul flights are the one time I can feel slightly complacent about my short and stumpy mushroom excuses for legs.

But, of course, while my brain is having fun, my skin is having a moment of self-doubt, quietly expressing its anger in a “Why don’t you love me?”-style.

As we all know, burning the candle at both ends for too long makes your skin dull, a bit ropey, and generally sad.

But fear not, fellow candle-burners, I have a solution! With a little exfoliation, and a little hydration, your skin will perk right up. Luckily for us, these come in one package:

CM Yoghurt 4

Plain, unsweetened yoghurt enriches the skin while simultaneously exfoliating the surface of it, gently. It is packed full of wonderful ingredients which are frequently found in skincare for their benefits, but this time they are already in a tidy, dairy-made package. The combination of Lactic Acid, Zinc, B Vitamins and Calcium removes dead skin cells, tightens pores (or at least makes them look less volcanic), acts as a mild astringent, and hydrates dry patches. Overall, your skin looks more uniform, soothed, and glowing.

It couldn’t be simpler to do. Just slop it onto your skin, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with a gentle, non-drying cleanser. You might look like a liquid Hannibal Lecter for a few minutes, but it’s worth it. Follow it up with a soothing, deeply effective moisturiser, to let your skin recover while also being fed with hydration.

If you apply the yoghurt straight from the fridge, my, what a wakeup call*. If you just landed back home last night, and your plane was delayed, but you have to be at work this morning regardless, a cold smear of yoghurt is worth 87,000 cucumbers on the eyes. You can thank me later.


**Very important sidenote: Please make sure to only use plain, unsweetened yoghurt. Using anything else, for example one of those pots with chunks of mango or double chocolate layered crunchies, will result in you having breakouts faster than you can say “processed sugar”.**


CM Yoghurt 1


*A useful trick for all morning recovery products.

Bésame: Bringing Retro Back

posted on: June 17, 2015

Besame 2

As you know, I am very fond of the history of makeup. A few months ago, I discovered that there is a brand out there that shares my rabid interest.

Based in California, Bésame is unapologetic about their retro inspiration. Everything – their packaging, formulas and shades – has been meticulously researched, and executed with elegance, so that the brand doesn’t even feel like a throwback, but more like a careful homage.

The formulas are super highly pigmented, as they should be, but not chalky, as they would have been. The developers have taken inspiration from retro makeup, but they’ve incorporated some excellent modern formulary techniques, which makes everything better.

There are several formulas we need to talk about, but let’s get straight to the star – the Lipstick.

Everything about this gem, from the shape of the bullet, to the perfect red, to the smooth and creamy formula that holds, is genius. GENIUS, I tell you. It glides onto the lips so smoothly, but without sliding all over the place. Once it settles, it holds. I’ve tried the Besame Red 1920 and the Cherry Red shades, and they do actually flatter. The Red 1920, particularly, almost feels like the quintessential red lipstick. I love it.

It also comes as little matchstick samplers, so you can test out the formula and shades as much as you like. Quite a conversation starter, let me tell you, when you whip one of these out.

Besame 10 Besame 11

The Cream Rouge is unbelievably high coverage – only a dab of a fingertip is needed to colour the cheeks, but the formula strikes just the right line between greasy and powdery, so it’s easy to use just the right amount. If applied on the lips over lip balm, it blends out super smoothly without settling in the lines, or smoodging out, which is what usually happens with me.

Plus I love the tin – proper finger painting.

Besame 6 Besame 8 Besame 7

As for mascaras, Bésame offer two of them – a Wand Mascara without bristles, just like they had in the 1930s, and a Cake Mascara, which is the original way they used to be sold. Both of them are a little tricky to use, but the results are awesome once you get the hang of it. If you have a little extra time before going out, the cake mascara is well worth the time to build up on the lashes. The little brush allows you to get right down to the roots, and the waxy formula is terrific for actually controlling where the mascara goes. If you add thin layers to your lashes, while you keep combing them out, it’s astounding how thick you can get each lash to look.

Besame 4 Besame 5 Besame 3

It used to be quite hard to get hold of Bésame (I practically had to sell a kidney to get these samples to Hong Kong a few months ago) but then as is quite often the case with brands, just as I almost expire trying to get samples, they suddenly offer worldwide shipping, and Sephora starts stocking them. *shakes fist*

ANyway, as you can probably tell I have become rather gushy about this brand, so at least I can order more…


Available online, at Sephora, or here if you are in Europe.

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